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Ceramaret Acquires MicroCeram

On 27.04.2018, Ceramaret AG based in Bôle/CH acquired MicroCeram GmbH in Meissen/DE with retroactive effect from 01.01.2018.
June 6, 2018

3D-Printing Gears up our Future: purmundus challenge 2018 Now Accepting Submissions

The purmundus challenge, an international competition for the best ideas in 3D printing, has begun for the 6th time. Under...
May 8, 2018

ceramitec Awards

At ceramitec in Munich/DE (10–13 May 2018), CERAMIC APPLICATIONS launched in cooperation with the Expert Group CIM, Fraunhofer Advancer, IAPK...
April 18, 2018

SGL Group and ExOne Aim to Make Carbon Ready for the 3D-Printing Market

Beside constantly developing its current product solutions and cultivating growth markets, SGL Group is continuously working on additional future growth...
March 29, 2018

3DCeram Sinto and DORST Technologies to Enter Strategic Partnership

3DCeram Sinto/FR and DORST Technologies/DE leverage their expertise in an innovative partnership in the ceramic market. This partnership will open...
March 8, 2018

EPHJ – EPMT – SMT: International Trade Fair for Watchmaking, Jewellery, ­Microtechnology and Medical

EPHJ-EPMT-SMT is the most important professional show held annually in Switzerland in the high-precision sector embracing jewellery and watchmaking subcontracting...
February 21, 2018

Technical Ceramics – from Powders to Components

CERAMIC APPLICATIONS will present this year 48 partners (40 ceramics manufacturers, each 4 equipment and material suppliers and on top...
February 21, 2018

Specialty Graphite Solutions from SGL Group in Increasing Demand in Auto­motive industry

The demand for solutions based on specialty graphite from SGL Group/DE for the auto­motive industry has grown steadily in recent...
February 21, 2018

Morgan Advanced Materials plc ­Trading Update

Trading is in-line with the expectations of the company – the outlook for the full year is unchanged. Sales for...
February 21, 2018

KYOCERA Developed Some of World’s Smallest Multilayer Ceramic ­Cap­acitors for Mobile Devices

The trend toward smaller, more highly functional telecommunications equipment has increased component requirements within smartphones, wearables and related devices –...
February 21, 2018

ACHEMA – World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Industries

ACHEMA 2018 will be held 11–15 June 2018 in Frankfurt am Main/DE.
February 21, 2018

93nd DKG (German Ceramic Society) Annual Meeting and Symposium on High-Performance Ceramics 2018

When looking into the future, there is much talk about digitalization and industry 4.0. Regarding materials science, what does this...
February 21, 2018

SGL Carbon has Sold its Shareholding in SGL Kümpers

SGL Carbon SE/DE has sold its 51 % shareholding in the SGL Kümpers GmbH & Co. KG joint venture to Kümpers...
February 21, 2018

SGL: Center for Advanced Fiber Placement Technologies

As part of the material mix of the future, fiber-reinforced plastics are gaining in importance, especially in the automotive and...
February 21, 2018

Qness Becomes Part of VERDER Scientific

VERDER Group acquired the majority of the Austrian company Qness GmbH, thereby extending the portfolio of its Scientific Division with...
February 21, 2018

7th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC7) and 62nd Brazilian Congress on Ceramics

The 7th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC7) and the 62nd Brazilian Congress on Ceramics will be held in the Convention...
February 21, 2018

Sulzer Chemtech and SGL Group Extend Cooperation

Sulzer Chemtech, market leader for sep­ar­ation and mixing technology, and SGL Group, a worldwide leading manufacturer of carbon made products,...
February 21, 2018

LAPP Insulators Alumina GmbH will Change its Name to Alumina Systems GmbH

With effect from 1.3.2018, LAPP Insulators Alumina GmbH will change its name to Alumina Systems GmbH.
February 21, 2018

Höganäs Acquired H.C. Starck’s Surface Technology & Ceramic Powders Division

Höganäs AB/SW has signed an agreement to acquire H.C. Starck Group’s Surface Technology & Ceramic Powders (STC) Div­ision.
February 21, 2018

young Ceramists Additive Manufacturing Forum 2018

EMC is a network founded in 2015 to bring together scientists working in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) of...
February 21, 2018

EuTeCer Secretary General – Daniela Vigilante

Daniela Vigilante has joined Cerame-Unie in July 2017 and has taken over the role of Secretary General of EuTeCer.
February 21, 2018

SGL Group Acquired BMW Group’s Minority Interest in SGL Automotive Carbon Fibres

SGL Carbon SE acquired BMW Group’s 49 % equity investment in the joint ventures SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers GmbH & Co....
February 21, 2018

Saint-Gobain Acquired Spin-Works International Corporation

Saint-Gobain’s High-Performance Refractories business has acquired Spin-Works Inter­national Corporation, an innovative manufacturer of 3D-printed and extruded silicon carbide ceramic components...
February 21, 2018

SGL Group: Complete Takeover of BENTELER-SGL GmbH & Co. KG

SGL Technologies Composites Holding GmbH/DE, a fully owned subsidiary of SGL Carbon SE/DE, acquired the 50-%-share of BENTELER Carbon Composites...
February 21, 2018

3DCeram Opens up its Capital to SINTO Group

3DCeram, the French pioneering company that has become a world leader in cer­amic 3D-printing, has signed an agreement to take...
February 21, 2018

Nabaltec Continues its Dynamic Growth in the 3rd Quarter of 2017

Nabaltec AG was able to continue its dynamic growth in the 3rd quarter of 2017. Consolidated revenues in the first...
February 21, 2018

Eredi Scabini and Henze Signed a Cooperation Agreement

Eredi Scabini S.r.l., a well-known Italian manu­facturer of refractory products, and the German-based Henze BNP AG, specialist for boron nitride...
February 21, 2018

Review: AM Ceramics 2017

Ceramic Additive Manufacturing (AM) has the potential toradically change the industry. Available AM systems for ceramicshave already reached an advanced...
February 5, 2018

Perspectives on Material Modelling: Porous and Particle-Based Microstructures

An overview on material modeling and its methodological diversity is presented. Representative examples of applications to porous and particle-based microstructures...
February 5, 2018

Lithography-Based Ceramic Manufacturing for 3D-Printing of Si3N4-Based Ceramics and Cermets

LITHOZ/AT succeeded in the development of silicon nitride as a standard material for its Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM) process and...
February 5, 2018


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