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The technical equipment of a laboratory in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry regularly demands specific equipment and plant components that meet high requirements, like, for example:

  • Purity generally >99.5 %
  • Density>98 % of the theoretical value
  • Suitability for use at temperatures beyond 1500 °C in oxidizing and reducing conditions
  • Application-related high or low thermal insulation
  • Pronounced resistance to deformation at high temperature
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • High resistance to chemical corrosion caused by solid bodies, metallic and non-metallic melts, acids, alkalis and gases
  • High mechanical strength
  • Ability to form force, form-fit, and substance-to-substance bonded ceramic-ceramic and ceramic-metal composites

The strengths of the oxide and non-oxide ceramic materials come to the fore especially where demanding and complex requirements have to be met. Typical is the combination of high temperature at the same time with severe corrosive attack. In such applications, products made of ceramic materials have proven effective for many decades and are often indispensable on account of their excellent properties.


Products for the application


      Grinding bowls

      Grinding vessels

Mixing vessels

      Mixer blades

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