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Owing to the low density of gases, spectrometric gas analysis requires the availability of special cuvettes. If the gases have very corrosive properties, cuvettes made of appropriately resistant materials are necessary to enable high measurement precision even when exposed to this stress.

One solution for such applications is the use of high-grade Al2O3 ceramic joined to cuvette windows made of leucosapphire, a colourless transparent, monocrystalline Al2O3, by means of glass brazing technology.

Typical technical properties of such a cuvette are summarized in the following.

  • Purity of the ceramic >99.5 %
  • Purity of the leucosapphire >99.9 %
  • Density of the ceramic >98 % of the theoretical value
  • Density of the leucosapphire: >99.9 % of the theoretical value
  • High chemical corrosion resistance
  • High geometric precision with dimensional tolerances down to the range of 0.01 mm
  • High-vacuum-tight bond between ceramic and leucosapphire: leakage rate for He < 10-9 mbar*L/s


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