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One possibility to control the process for manufacturing cars and other vehicles in order to meet individual customer requirements is the use of electronic control elements on the basis of IR-light-sensitive sensors. A precondition for the successful use of this technology is the installation of the sensor in a hermetically sealed casing capable of withstanding the often high physical and chemical stresses, but permeable for infrared radiation, although not for light in the visible range.

A concept that has proven effective in such applications is the installation of the sensor in a casing with a IR-light-permeable component made of dense-sintered, dark-stained Al2O3 ceramic bonded to a weldable metal substrate made of 1.3917 (Ni42) or 1.3981 (NiCo2918) in a brazed high-vacuum-tight bond. Thanks to their ruggedness, ceramic-based components are suitable for repeated use in the automotive manufacturing process.


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Flow control in vehicle manufacturing

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