Sustainability: Focus for the Nordic Partner Region at formnext 2023

The partner country for formnext 2023, which takes place 7–10 November, will be the Nordic region, comprising the countries Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Besides having many innovative companies participating at the world’s leading exhib­ition for Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies and the next generation of manufacturing, these countries will also play a significant role in … Read more

maxon Exceeds CHF 700 Million Mark in Revenue for the First Time 

In 2022, the maxon Group/CH continued its success story of more than 60 years, increasing revenue by 13 % to CHF 707,7 million (previous year: CHF 626,5 million). For the current financial year, the company is cautiously optimistic.  Despite the deterioration in the economic outlook and the strong Swiss franc, the maxon Group can look back on a satisfyingly … Read more

Heat-Resistant Ceramic Ink for Data Codes on Metal Components

Fraunhofer/DE researchers have developed an extremely heat-resistant ceramic-based ink. For the first time, this enables metal components processed in the automotive industry at temperatures over 1000 °C to be marked with a code. The code can be scanned and is linked to a database in which all the manufacturing parameters for the component in question are … Read more

The Solar Thermal Redoxchemical Production of Hydrogen Using Cerium Oxide 3D-Printed Receiver Modules 

Lithoz/AT has delivered an industry-leading CeraFab System S65 to the WZR ceramic solutions GmbH/DE. The printer will support its DLR (German Aerospace Centre)-partnered project, working on generating green hydrogen via a solar-thermochemical process. As a “receiver module”, the CeO2 assembly is heated up to 1400–1500 °C. The ideal shape lattice design (to be defined between WZR … Read more

IWM-IAPK Colloquium 2024

The Institute for Materials Applications in Mechanical Engineering (IWM) at RWTH Aachen University and the Institute for Applied Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics at RWTH Aachen e.V.. (IAPK) invite you to next year’s colloquium of the institute network under the title “Development of Tool Materials”. On March 21, 2024 in TEMA Pyramid ten lectures in German language will be … Read more

Incus Launches Hammer Pro40 Production Line at formnext 2023

Incus, Austrian 3D-printing manufacturer specialized in Lithography-based Metal Manufacturing (LMM), introduces the new Hammer Pro40 printing solution to upscale their technology for mass manufacturing. Building on the principles of the Hammer Lab35 printing system, the Hammer Pro40 allows an upgrade of the production capabilities, while maintaining the same level of expertise and familiarity with the technology. … Read more

Additive Manufacturing – Make the Impossible Possible with Bosch Advanced Ceramics

Offering freedom of design, Additive Manufacturing uses advanced ceramics when other materials reach their limits. Leading technology driven companies are already realizing additive ceramics’ advantages, optimizing production timelines and resources. Why Bosch Advanced Ceramics? Bosch Advanced Ceramics/DE is a technology leader in ceramic 3D printing using technical ceramics to improve a wide range of products. … Read more

HYCal, for Better Ceramics

As a major specialty aluminas supplier for advanced ceramics, Alteo/FR strengthens its leadership by expanding its range of high performing and innovative specialty aluminas. Alteo is proud to announce the launch of Alteo’s HYCal® brand of aluminas. The new brand is dedicated to advanced ceramics and strengthens Alteo’s commitment to excellence and quality to support our customers’ growth. This range of products is offering outstanding mechanical and dielectric performances. The diversity of this range enables us to … Read more

ceramitec 2024: Munich Takes Center Stage in the Ceramics Industry

As one of the oldest sectors in the business world, the ceramics industry stands as a strategically pivotal and forward-looking domain. It remains a driving force for growth, innovation, and sustainability. Next spring, the industry will meet once again at ceramitec held from 9–12 April 2024, at the Trade Fair Center in Munich/DE. The early bird … Read more

ECOREF® analysis and concept approach: RATH demonstrates how energy can be saved and costs reduced with the optimal refractory linings

Like many other industrial sectors that use high-temperature processes, the ceramics industry is also facing some major challenges when it comes to energy and environmental issues. The Austrian refractory manufacturer shows with the ECOREF® analysis and concept approach – developed by RATH engineering experts – how energy can be saved and costs reduced thanks to the … Read more


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