Components for high performance

IFKB Universität Stuttgart

The Institute for Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components and Composites (In German: Institut für Fertigungstechologie keramischer Bauteile – IFKB) is part of the engineering faculty at the University of Stuttgart.We develope solutions for challenges in the fields of high-performance ceramics and surface technology. The department for high performance ceramics is doing research along the complete … Read more

Competence Center for Additive Manufacturing of Inorganic- Nonmetallic Materials – 3DK

A project group at Forschungsinstitut für Glas | Keramik (FGK/DE),supported by funding of the Ministry of the Economy of Rhineland-Palatinate (MWVLW/DE) and the European Regional Development Fund(ERDF/DE), is currently working on the establishment of an infrastructureand the development of know-how for Additive Manufacturing (AM) ofinorganic-nonmetallic materials, which will result in the first competencecenter for AM … Read more

Using 3D Weaving for Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Preforms

Textile manufacturing essentially is an additive manufacturing process withnear net-shape performance. Modern textile machines combined with computationaltools allow for a well-aimed design of complicated 3D structures.Ceramic fibres can be manufactured at these machines if process parametersare carefully adapted. Thereby ceramic fibre preforms are producedin one step at high throughput. They are used for the manufacture … Read more

Design Concepts for Miniaturised Thermal Cyclers Based on Functional Additively Manufactured Multi-Material Components

The demands on components in terms of individualisation,functionalisation and miniaturisation, increased lifetime, but alsoresource efficiency during manufacturing and in use increasecontinuously. Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies offer productionpossibilities that were previously unfeasible using conventionalmanufacturing technologies or required enormous effort. In order todemonstrate the future possibilities as a result of the extendedfunctionalities of ceramic components, the development … Read more

Towards Ceramic Production via Digitalization and Additive Manufacturing

By using Additive Manufacturing (AM) techniques for ceramic parts,construction engineers gain access to a multitude of novel designs.Moreover, time to market can be strongly reduced – especially, if AM iscombined with the digitalization of the entire development andproduction process. AM is well established for rapid prototyping. Yet, theincreasing use of AM techniques for the production … Read more

Cluster Forum: Materials for the Future – Fibre Composites

The New Materials Cluster of Bayern Innovativ GmbH/DE in cooperation with the Centre of High-Temperature Materials and Design HTL at Fraunhofer ISC/DE issued invitations to the forum “Materials of the Future – Fibre Composites“ in Bayreuth on 17 July 2019, where the centre is based. The event was oriented to experts from the composite materials … Read more

KRAHN Ceramics New on the Market: Realize your Vision

At formnext 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, the newly formed KRAHN Ceramics GmbH presented itself for the first time to a wide international public. The company based in Hamburg sees itself as a project partner for the processing of ceramic and metal powders. Through all process stages, KRAHN Ceramics supports its customers, from the raw … Read more


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