WZR ceramic solutions GmbH

WZR is the market leader in the development of ceramic materials for 3D printing. Since its foundation in 1996, the range of work has changed from a pure testing service provider to a development service provider. We are currently developing ceramic materials for all commercially available 3D printing processes. We have a fully equipped laboratory … Read more

Fa. Rösler CeramInno GmbH

Wir sind ein mittelständisches Unternehmen, das Innovation und Erfahrung verbindet. Mit unserer 70-jährigen Leidenschaft für den Werkstoff Keramik entwickeln wir neue Lösungen in den Bereichen technische Keramik und Porzellan. Darüber hinaus sind wir der kompetente und qualitativ zuverlässige Partner für die thermische Prozessbehandlung aller Arten von Schüttgütern und anderen keramischen Formkörpern (bis 1600°C) bis hin … Read more

IFKB Universität Stuttgart

The Institute for Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components and Composites (DE: Institut für Fertigungstechologie keramischer Bauteile – IFKB) is part of the engineering faculty at the University of Stuttgart. We do fundamental research and develope solutions for challenges in the fields of high-performance ceramics and surface technology. The department for high performance ceramics is doing … Read more

EnCeram Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG

EnCeram – The New CIM Binder and Feedstock Provider EnCeram develops, produces, and distributes proprietary binder systems and feedstocks for the ceramic injection molding process. EnCeram is an internal start-up of the Chemische Fabrik Budenheim. The Chemische Fabrik Budenheim is a specialty chemicals company in the life and material science sector. As part of the … Read more


German family-owned company ARBURG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic processing machines. Its product portfolio encompasses ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines with clamping forces of between 125 and 6,500 kN, the freeformer for industrial additive manufacturing and robotic systems, customer and industry-specific turnkey solutions and further peripheral equipment. The PIM range includes especially … Read more


QSIL is an innovative, international supplier of high-performance materials, specializing in the production of quartz glass and advanced technical ceramics as well as composite materials. Key markets include the semiconductor, diagnostics, machinery, photovoltaic, light source, medical and other industrial applications in the chemical, analytical and fiber optic industries. QSIL has a globally diversified customer base. … Read more

Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS

Fraunhofer IKTS – The Partner for the Development of Single Prototypes and Pilot Production The Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS covers the field of advanced ceramics from basic preliminary research through to the entire range of applications. Superbly equipped laboratories and technical facilities covering 30 000 sqm of useable space have been … Read more

Bosch Advanced Ceramics (grow platform GmbH)

Advanced Ceramics is a part of grow platform GmbH, which drives business innovation and supports new business ideas as a 100% subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. Promising ideas are professionally supported to optimally combine the know-how of a global player with the flexibility of a Start-Up. Advanced Ceramics originally comes from the Bosch Blaichach plant, … Read more

Institute of Applied Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics at RWTH Aachen e.V. (IAPK)

Founded by a support association (“Förderverein”), the IAPK is a research institution associated to RWTH focusing on process and application engineering for ceramics and powder metallurgy. Besides doing research in the above areas, the institute offers consulting and other services converning the manufacturing process – from powder through the produced part: design and simulation, powder … Read more


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