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IWM-IAPK Colloquium 2022

The Institute for Materials Applications in Mechanical Engineering (IWM) at RWTH Aachen University/DE and the Institute for Applied Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics at RWTH Aachen e.V.. (IAPK) invite you to next year’s colloquium of the institute network under the title Design and Construction with Hard Materials. On 20 September 2022, ten interesting lectures on current research topics … Read more

3DCERAM Enhances its Range with a New 3D Printing Technology

3DERAM Sinto/FR is pleased to announce that it has become the majority shareholder of the Berlin-based start-up Tiwari Scientific Instruments/DE, which becomes 3DCERAM Sinto Tiwari. Tiwari Scientific Instrument was created in 2019 within the ESA (European Space Agency) ecosystem, and masters all the steps of FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printing for metals and ceramics: … Read more

Competence Center for Additive Manufacturing of Inorganic- Nonmetallic Materials – 3DK

A project group at Forschungsinstitut für Glas | Keramik (FGK/DE),supported by funding of the Ministry of the Economy of Rhineland-Palatinate (MWVLW/DE) and the European Regional Development Fund(ERDF/DE), is currently working on the establishment of an infrastructureand the development of know-how for Additive Manufacturing (AM) ofinorganic-nonmetallic materials, which will result in the first competencecenter for AM … Read more

High Efficiency Recycling and Reusing of Laundry Wastewater by Ceramic-Membrane Nanofiltration

The continuous rise in living standards and the growth of industrial waterusage strongly increase the demand for freshwater supply. Consequently,further development of applicable technologies that facilitate internalindustrial wastewater treatment is much needed. Over the last decades,some noticeable improvements have been recorded in membrane filtrationtechnologies.

Using 3D Weaving for Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Preforms

Textile manufacturing essentially is an additive manufacturing process withnear net-shape performance. Modern textile machines combined with computationaltools allow for a well-aimed design of complicated 3D structures.Ceramic fibres can be manufactured at these machines if process parametersare carefully adapted. Thereby ceramic fibre preforms are producedin one step at high throughput. They are used for the manufacture … Read more

Manufacturing of SiSiC Plates for Semiconductor Machines with a Focus on Process Integration

With manufacturing processes in the semiconductor industry becomingincreasingly more demanding, component suppliers must offer productsof the highest quality to meet current and future demands in chipproduction. Focussing on both product innovation and processintegration, globally leading advanced ceramics manufacturer CeramTec/DE applies a two-fold approach to enable higher chip quality.

The Lithoz CeraMax Vario V900 with LIS Technology – Ceramic 3D Printing for Fully Dense Large Parts with Thick Walls

Established 3D printing processes for technical high-performance ceramics– first and foremost, stereolithography and binder jetting – have eachmade an important contribution to the growth of ceramic Additive Manufacturing(AM) thanks to their different strengths. However, none of theknown 3D printing processes for oxide ceramics have yet been able toproduce large, fully dense parts with thick walls. … Read more

Ceramic Foundry Cores by 3D Printing

Ceramic cores are essential in the production of turbine blades and nozzleguide vanes (aircraft or gas). The blades attached to a shaft recoverthe combustion energy of the fuel and air mixture from the compressorand the injectors in the turbine combustion chamber.

ceramitec conference: AM CERAMICS Making Innovation Happen

After a year and a half of purely virtual events, the AM Ceramics 2021team was very eager to once again finally meet experts from the ceramicindustry face-to-face in Munich (15.–16.09.2021). Despite the ongoinguncertainty surrounding the pandemic, the event – held in cooperationwith the ceramitec conference – was able to go ahead, with the wellpreparedMesse München … Read more


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