Registration; Revocation

  1. During the registration process, the user agrees to provide only true information and to keep this information updated. The user may personally perform updates in his user account. The user is advised that he may also receive legal notifications within the framework of this use contract by e-mail (refer Section 7 e.g.), which stresses the importance of keeping his e-mail address updated.
  2. Registration shall be confirmed by Goeller Verlag to the e-mail address provided by the user, whereupon the use contract materialises. The user may revoke this use contract within two weeks after receipt of the confirmation e-mail, without providing reasons, by e-mail to Timely transmission of the e-mail satisfies the notice period. The right of revocation expires in accordance with § 312d (3) BGB [Civil Code], if Goeller Verlag starts providing the service prior to expiry of the revocation period by explicit consent of the user. This is the case if the user activates his account prior to expiration of the two-week revocation period by means of the link provided in the confirmation e-mail.


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