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Company profile

QSIL Ingenieurkeramik GmbH was founded in 1996 and since then grew continuously in producing silicon nitride, silicon carbide and zirconia based ceramic components, offering services in cold + hot isostatic pressing, uniaxial hot pressing and vacuum/gas pressure sintering and also taking part in R&D of materials and processing techniques. With a current staff of 145 employees, the company produces customer-designed ceramic parts particularly out of non-oxide ceramics like silicon nitride, silicon carbide or composites of both. Dense, gas pressure sintered (GPSN), hot or hot isostatic pressed silicon nitride (HPSN, HIPSN) and silicon nitride based composites (SNTiN) as well as sintered, carbon fibre reinforced and reaction bonded silicon carbide (SSiC, C/CSiC, NSiC) are available as standard grades. Additionally we offer components made of zirconia. For specific applications and customer requirements QSIL also develops tailored materials. Using specialized equipment and technologies the company is able to produce high strength and complex components with very narrow tolerances as prototype or in series production. Diameters up to 670 mm and sizes up to 1.650 mm are state-of-the-art in its production.

The company supplies components to the following industries: metal casting industry for metal melt contact with increased lifetime of foundry process equipment/ metal forming industry for cold and hot forming of wires, profiles sheet and foil of different metals/ chemical, mechanical and thermal processing industry to prevent wear, corrosion or contamination/ electronic industry for handling of ingots and wavers as well as incorporation into testing devices/ optical, aviation and space industry for lightweight, highly stiff and strong parts with low coefficient of thermal expansion/ composite and wood industry for high speed machining tools/ photovoltaic industry for silicon manufacturing equipment and sputter targets for coatings/ display industry with sputter targets for coatings/ alternative power plants for high-temperature components and wear parts.

Expertise: QSIL Ingenieurkeramik has long term experience in ceramic material R&D as well as in ceramic processing and production of components. QSIL Ingenieurkeramik has concentrated on non-oxide ceramics, mainly silicon nitride, silicon carbide materials, and zirconia.


member of QSIL Group


Andreas Goller (CEO)


Number of employees total / R+D


Product development partnerships

customers, institutes, user industries, multidisciplinary

Project funding

public, industry

Main components


ISO 9001 : 2015

Market leadership

large complex components, aluminium foundry, avionics and space

Special know-how

tailored silicon nitride materials, hot pressing

Project duration

3 months - 4 years

Pilot run series

Ceramic division(s)

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