Tosoh Europe B.V.

Company Name / address details

Tosoh Europe B.V.
Rembrandt Tower
1096 HA Amsterdam



0031-20-5 65 00 10



Turnover total

˃ 6 billion USD

Number of Employees

Total: ˃ 12.000

Company profile

Tosoh Europe BV is the 100% affiliate of Tosoh Corporation, a Japanese chemical and specialty products group compromising over 100 companies and over 12.000 people worldwide.

Tosoh’s commodity and specialty businesses supply manufacturers in numerous markets for making the things making modern life possible.

Fine ceramic products from Tosoh’s Advanced Materials Division include : pure and yttria-stabilized zirconia powders, zirconia injection molding compounds, colored zirconia, Fine Beads as well as YTZ grinding and dispersion media.

Tosoh is a pioneer in the development of YSZ and has become a major supplier to the world. Earning a solid reputation for consistent high purity and quality that customers can depend on, Tosoh continues to focus resources in R&D and customer services for the ultimate evolution of zirconia.

Production programm


yttria-stabilized zirconia suspensions
zirconia, colored

Production plants (key equipment)***

synthesis technology

Special Know How

Using the latest hydrolyses processes and nano technologies, Tosoh has created the TZ Series of zirconia powders. Through complete control over materials and production processes, Tosoh can maintain consistent high quality and purity. The TZ Series, the ultimate zirconia powder, delivers added value and product improvements to the customers.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001