Cost-Efficient Directly Foamed Ceramics for High-Temperature Thermal Insulation

Highly insulating materials are key factors for energy-efficient thermal processes. While fibre-based insulation panels provide excellent thermal insulation, they suffer from poor mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. Furthermore, high prices due to high production costs and the release of fibre dust are disadvantages in their practical application. Lightweight refractory bricks, on the contrary, are inexpensive and mechanically stable, but exhibit a high thermal mass and high thermal conductivity. Highly porous directly foamed ceramics, also referred to as ceramic foams, are an alternative capable of filling the gap between fibrebased insulation panels and lightweight refractory bricks in thermal insulation. The Fraunhofer Center HTL/DE has developed a direct foaming process to produce cost-efficient ceramic foams for high-temperature insulation.


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