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Ceramic components impress their users with their insulation, wear resistance, corrosion and temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and dimensional stability. In comparison with metals, they offer also an interesting potential for saving weight. Are you interested in innovative applications of ceramic materials in respect of their combination of mechanical, electrical, thermal and

chemical properties? Established international suppliers inform on further development of ceramic components, their integration in complex multi-material systems as well updates on ceramic materials, equipment and technologies. Search functions for :

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The magazine enhances the visibility of technical ceramic components

CeramicApplications bridges the knowledge of ceramic technology, technology development, analytics and product design with needs of its various industrial user segments.
Main target industries are:

  • Automotive, aviation, space travel,
  • Energy technology,Chassis
  • Power generation,
  • Friction, Wear protection and corrosion,
  • Armour,
  • Medical technology,
  • Household,
  • Food and beverage applications
  • and luxury goods

The content covers existing and new economic, sustainable products. It consists of: best-practice reports, user feedback, market information, product news, previews and reviews of events, technology insights, company and personal announcements, supplier profiles and advertisement.

(international print circulation: 11 000 copies)

July 8, 2021


Data-Based Process Development and Control in Multi-Material Jetting Technology

Data-driven methods such as Data Mining (DM) and Machine Learning (ML) are contributing to the development and optimisation of new...
May 6, 2021

Making Binder Jetting Really Work for Technical Ceramics – Additive Manufacturing of Technical Ceramics*

As an alternative shaping method to the traditionally used processes, Additive Manufacturing (AM) can produce economical ceramic components in small...
May 6, 2021

Paving the Way for All-Solid-State Batteries: Ceramic Materials, Components and Cells for Electrochemical Storage

Energy storage is an essential element of the energy transition. Besides Li-ion, all-solid state lithium and sodium batteries attract a...
May 6, 2021

Silicon-Nitride Speciality Materials for Product and Process Innovation in Semiconductor and Analysis Technology*

Many areas of technology would be unthinkable today without highperformance ceramics on the basis of silicon nitride for the optimisation...
May 6, 2021

Ceramic Coatings by Thermal Spraying – a Comparison between High Velocity Oxy-Fuel and Atmospheric Plasma Spraying

Metals, plastics and ceramics each have particular properties, which make them suitable for different applications. Density, thermal and electrical conductivity,...
May 6, 2021

Water-Based Tape Casting Process: An Environmentally Friendly Process for Mass Production of Ceramic Substrates for Electronic Applications*

SEDAL has been involved for the last years in the optimisation of the water-based tape casting process to produce high-quality...
May 6, 2021

Sustainable, Natural Pore Formers and Process Additives for the Ceramic Industry*

Nature offers an almost inexhaustible reservoir of usable functions that have always been present in the plant world. Each plant...
May 6, 2021

Manufacture the Future: Your Partner from First 3D-Printed Ceramic Part to Industrial Production

As the global leader in the field of industrial ceramic 3D printing, Lithoz has been providing technology for innovators to...
May 6, 2021


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