Components for high performance

CERAMIC APPLICATIONS is the new platform (print and on-line) for advances in the development of ceramic components and their integrative design in complex industrial solutions to realize sustainable, economic applications in the wide range of user segments.

Design engineers need steadily up-dates on innovative applications of ceramic materials as they can provide extraordinary combinations of mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical properties for enhanced system engineering. CERAMIC APPLICATIONS aims to bridge the knowledge of ceramic manucfacuters and the design engineers in the various industrial user sectors. Central themes of the new publication are: best practice stories, user feedbacks, market information, previews/reviews on events, technology insights and supplier profiles, as well as news items on companies, people, products and events. As a technical high-light a compendium on „Integrative Design with Ceramic Components“ will be published in cooperation with RWTH Aachen, which addresses the needs of ceramic manufacturers and the users of ceramic components.

The chapters will be collected step-by-step in the „KNOWLEDGE CENTRE“ on this homepage to be available for reference at any time.

Here further relevant technical articles are at hand for an accentuated literature study.
The editorial team is supported by several expert groups (acces on: NETWORKS) operating in the field of ceramic process engineering, engineering mechanics of ceramics, (non-destructive) material testing and applied science for the development of new components, material combinations and their integrative design.