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Ceramic components impress their users with their insulation, wear resistance, corrosion and temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and dimensional stability. In comparison with metals, they offer also an interesting potential for saving weight. Are you interested in innovative applications of ceramic materials in respect of their combination of mechanical, electrical, thermal and

chemical properties? Established international suppliers inform on further development of ceramic components, their integration in complex multi-material systems as well updates on ceramic materials, equipment and technologies. Search functions for :

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The magazine enhances the visibility of technical ceramic components

CeramicApplications bridges the knowledge of ceramic technology, technology development, analytics and product design with needs of its various industrial user segments.
Main target industries are:

  • Automotive, aviation, space travel,
  • Energy technology,Chassis
  • Power generation,
  • Friction, Wear protection and corrosion,
  • Armour,
  • Medical technology,
  • Household,
  • Food and beverage applications
  • and luxury goods

The content covers existing and new economic, sustainable products. It consists of: best-practice reports, user feedback, market information, product news, previews and reviews of events, technology insights, company and personal announcements, supplier profiles and advertisement.

(international print circulation: 11 000 copies)

Volume 2022 – Issue 2
June 7, 2022


IWM-IAPK Colloquium 2022

The Institute for Materials Applications in Mechanical Engineering (IWM) at RWTH Aachen University/DE and the Institute for Applied Powder Metallurgy...
August 6, 2022

3DCERAM Enhances its Range with a New 3D Printing Technology

3DERAM Sinto/FR is pleased to announce that it has become the majority shareholder of the Berlin-based start-up Tiwari Scientific Instruments/DE,...
July 12, 2022

Competence Center for Additive Manufacturing of Inorganic- Nonmetallic Materials – 3DK

A project group at Forschungsinstitut für Glas | Keramik (FGK/DE),supported by funding of the Ministry of the Economy of Rhineland-Palatinate...
June 19, 2022

High Efficiency Recycling and Reusing of Laundry Wastewater by Ceramic-Membrane Nanofiltration

The continuous rise in living standards and the growth of industrial waterusage strongly increase the demand for freshwater supply. Consequently,further...
June 19, 2022

Using 3D Weaving for Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Preforms

Textile manufacturing essentially is an additive manufacturing process withnear net-shape performance. Modern textile machines combined with computationaltools allow for a...
June 19, 2022

From Patient-Specific MRI Data to Printed Implant Demonstrators Using Multi Material Jetting

The Multi Material Jetting technology developed at Fraunhofer IKTS/DEoffers the opportunity to combine up to four matched materials within oneprinting...
June 19, 2022

Manufacturing of SiSiC Plates for Semiconductor Machines with a Focus on Process Integration

With manufacturing processes in the semiconductor industry becomingincreasingly more demanding, component suppliers must offer productsof the highest quality to meet...
June 19, 2022

The Lithoz CeraMax Vario V900 with LIS Technology – Ceramic 3D Printing for Fully Dense Large Parts with Thick Walls

Established 3D printing processes for technical high-performance ceramics– first and foremost, stereolithography and binder jetting – have eachmade an important...
June 19, 2022


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