Nanoe Invests in a Dedicated Facility to Fulfill its Ambitions in 3D Printing

Nanoe/FR aims to double its production volume to keep pace with the acquisition rythm of new users. To reach this goal, the company not only invests in a brand new production line, but the 1000 m2 office will also include a demo center and a printing centre. Overall, the company will invest EUR 2 million in this project, an investment supported by the France relance plan up to 50 %. For three years, Nanoe has been promoting Zetamix technology for ceramic and metal 3D printing. The goal is to make ceramic and metal 3D printing as common as polymers Additive Manufacturing. To achieve that goal commercially, Nanoe is building a strong added value reseller network, all of them being equipped and trained, and able to make demonstrations and trainings to final users. In 2021, the resellers number increased from 5 to 25.


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