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Multi-Material 3D printing

AMAREA Technology offers industrial 3D printers and high-performance materials based on Multi Material Jetting (MMJ) technology. We go beyond the limits that the creative freedom of additive manufacturing with a single material offers manufacturers.

Our MMJ technology enables printing with different materials, even with contrasting properties, both within the same layer and throughout the build volume. Materials within the same material class, such as metals, ceramics and plastics, or even different material classes, can be integrated into a single build job.

Features and specifications of the technology:

  • 3D printers based on MMJ represent an additive manufacturing process in which material is deposited drop by drop and layer by layer.
  • Each of the MMJ-capable materials is composed of the desired material as a powder embedded in a thermoplastic binder.

Our printers working with several number of print heads. One print head contains one material and releases tiny droplets (containing the actual material powder) as required (nl size). The droplets solidify by cooling in a fraction of a second and become solid structures when they reach the build platform or another layer of MMJ-capable material. The neighboring droplets fuse together. Depending on the configuration, several print heads apply different materials drop by drop with high precision throughout the entire build volume.

During the subsequent thermal treatment, known as debinding and sintering, the binder is removed and the remaining material powder particles fuse together to form a solid component and produce the component with the desired properties.

Potential Applications

Materials and the combination of materials are the key for new and innovative applications. Despite having an already extensive portfolio of printable materials, we also offer BYOP – the “Bring Your Own Powder” service. We develop exclusive printing materials using the customer’s own powders. With MMJ you can realize combinations of functional properties such as (among others):

  • hard + ductile: hardmetal + cermet, ceramic + metal
  • electrically conductive + insulating: metal + ceramic, ceramic + ceramic, glass-ceramic + precious metal, glass + glass
  • luminscent + dark: glass + glass
  • thermally conductive + insulating: metal + ceramic, ceramic + ceramic
  • multi-color: ceramic + ceramic, metal + ceramic, ceramic + cermet
  • dense + porous: all materials

Functional properties of a component can be combined by MMJ both locally discrete and functionally graded throughout the build volume.

Please contact us to find out more about the benefits of our 3D printers and materials. 




Steven Weingarten, Lutz Gollmer



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Expertise across the entire Additive Manufacturing process for high-performance materials, particularly ceramics, is at our core.

We possess comprehensive knowledge spanning the entirety of the ceramic as well multi-material additive manufacturing process. Our capabilities extend the development of 3D printers to tailor-made material development, as well as application-specific consultation and solutions for our clients.

Despite having an already extensive portfolio of printable materials, we also offer BYOP - the “Bring Your Own Powder” service to our customers. Through a collaborative consultation process and thorough testing, AMAREA Technology can develop exclusive printing materials using the customer's own powders, offering a unique and customized solution that meets their specific needs.

We excel in know-how of Multi-Material applications. As a young startup we building up our machinery with the latest development of Multi-Material 3D printers based on MMJ technology capable of handling up to six different materials in a single 3D print built.

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