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DMG MORI is a leading global manufacturer of high-precision machine tools and is represented in 43 countries – with 116 sales and service locations, including 17 production plants. In the “Global One Company”, more than 13,000 employees are driving the development of holistic solutions in the manufacturing industry. Under the guiding principle of Machining Transformation (MX), DMG MORI combines four pillars for the efficient, sustainable production of the future: Process Integration, Automation, Digital Transformation (DX) and Green Transformation (GX).

DMG MORI stands for innovation, quality and precision. Our portfolio covers sustainable manufacturing solutions based on the technologies Turning, Milling, Grinding, Boring as well as Ultrasonic, Lasertec and Additive Manufacturing. With technology integration, end-to-end automation and digitization solutions we make it possible to increase productivity and resource efficiency at the same time.

At our production sites worldwide, we realize holistic turnkey solutions for the main sectors of aerospace, automotive, die & mold, medical and semiconductor. With the DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP) partner program, we offer perfectly matched peripheral products from a single source. Our customer-oriented services cover the entire life cycle of a machine tool – including training, repair, maintenance and spare parts service.

The ULTRASONIC technology from DMG MORI enables the economical machining of complex workpiece geometries in demanding high-tech materials like e. g. ceramics, glass, corundum, tungsten carbide or even composites. ULTRASONIC machining is the kinematic overlapping of the tool rotation with an additional oscillation. This effects a reduction of the process forces by up to 50 % in comparison to conventional machining. Depending on the workpiece requirements, this allows higher feed and infeed, longer tool life or significantly better surface finishes of up to Ra < 0.1 μm. The number and depth of micro cracks (sub-surface damage) in hard-brittle materials is reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the consistent market-oriented development of ULTRASONIC technology, micro boreholes starting from > ø 0.1 mm (depending on material and parameters) are now also possible with the ULTRASONIC MicroDRILL.

The LASERTEC Shape series with integrated femtosecond lasers alows laser ablation of filigree countours also in ceramic and glass material, with surface finishes up tp Ra 0.1 µm. As the pioneer and market leader in the machining of ultra-hard materials, DMG MORI has many years of experience in laser machining of PCD, CVD-D and CBN on machines of its LASERTEC PrecisionTool series. The big benefit of the contact-free laser processing it the absolute repeatability and the fact that no consumabels are needed.







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3-/ 4-/ 5-axis ULTRASONIC machining centers, DED hybrid machines for Additive Manufacturing, 5-axis Laserablation machines, Laserdrilling, Lasershaping, Lasercutting


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Ultrasonic Machining with ULTRASONIC 50 by DMG MORI

Ultrasonic machining with our ULTRASONIC 50 - The 3rd generation ULTRASONIC 50 provides the ideal entry into Ultrasonic Machining of hard-brittle materials (e.g., glass machining or ceramic machining), with maximum reliability and flexibility at the best price!

Thanks to the consistent market-oriented development of the ULTRASONIC technology, the ULTRASONIC 50 3rd Generation is available with 4 different table variants. From the classic 3-axis variant with rigid table, to a 4-axis variant with Direct Drive C-axis (200 1/min), to 5-axis simultaneous machining with classic NC swivel/rotary table (as standard) or likewise high-speed Direct Drive C-axis.

The new ULTRASONIC microDRILL attachment spindle can be integrated as an option for micro drilling / ultrasonic drilling in e.g., glass or ceramic. It can be integrated via the HSK interface and enables the insertion of thousands of very small bores from 0.1 mm diameter, with maximum process reliability!

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