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KERAFOL® – Keramische Folien GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1985 and has over 200 employees at the moment. We develope and produce ceramic tapes for versatile applications with a special manufacturing process. These tapes may then be used unsintered as a final product or sintered as a planar ceramic component. All products of our department “Ceramic Tapes & Substrates” (CTS) are produced at KERAFOL® in Eschenbach i. d. OPf. (Bavaria, Germany). KERAFOL® can therefore offer its customers smaller series production to an attractive cost-performance ratio. The premises are located in an area where still space for expansion exists. Many years of experience with ceramic materials, continuous development of innovative and customer-focused solutions and a global sales and distribution network with short delivery times and a fast reaction time are just some of the reasons, why we are one of the leading specialists and manufacturers of thinfilm / thickfilm substrates, electrolytes and MEA for SOFC/SOE applications, special kiln furniture and ceramic wear protection substrates. Our ceramic green tapes, substrates and setter plates are produced in a continuous process on the latest production facilities either for standard or customer specific products. For customized geometries the ceramic green tape products can be cut by laser or customized punching tools. The sintered substrates and setter plates can be machined into customer specific dimensions by laser- or waterjet cutting. All KERAFOL® products are manufactured under the quality assurance standard EN ISO 9001:2015 and environmental assurance standard EN ISO 14001. In order to offer our customers competent, customized advice and individual problem solutions, our engineers and staff are constantly doing research, development and tests on new, innovative and high quality materials in our in-house R&D laboratory. KERAFOL® offers a wide range of products, suitable for diverse applications, for example in sensors for oxygen, temperature and humidity control, microelectronics, special kiln furniture, SOFC, SOE, solid electrolyte separators, cross-flow filtration, aeration and special wear protection. Our foremost goal is to provide our customers with competent, customer oriented product solutions, which we guarantee through continuous quality control, optimization of processes and manufacturing steps.


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Franz Koppe, Isabell Koppe, Sabine Koppe, Willi Neumüller



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customers, institutes, user industries, multidisciplinary

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DIN EN ISO 9001 2015
DIN EN ISO 14001 2015
IATF 16949 since 2018
ROHS compliant, REACH compliant,

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Ceramic tape casted products for advanced applications

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Tape Casting, Debinding, Sintering, R&D, raw material sourcing, engineering

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Keralpor 99, Keralpor S, K99TF, Keral 99 , Keral 96, Keraprotec, 3YSZ-Sensor, ATS, Cross-Fow Filter Discs, Zirconia electrolytes, Keralpor 99 Z,


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