100 Years of LOOMIS Shaping Machines to Meet the Highest Quality Standards

LOOMIS was founded in 1917 as LOOMIS Products by David Loomis
in USA. Karl Kahlefeld, who still deals with business at the USA
location, established LOOMIS PRODUCTS Kahlefeld GmbH in Kaiserslautern
in 1990. This was acquired by his daughter in 2001. Its core
business is to provide full support to the company’s customers,
starting with defining and finding solutions for the customers manufacturing
requirements, through project development and sales,
installation and aftermarket sales of piston extruders and wet and
dry bag isostatic presses, which are manufactured at both locations.
Milestones in the company’s history are reviewed in the text box. We
spoke to Managing Director Pia Kahlefeld (PK) about the company’s
philosophy and developments in recent years.


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E-mail: info@goeller-verlag.de