3DCeram Elevates Ceramic Manufacturing Capabilities for Carborundum Universal Limited

3DCeram (France), a renowned player in advanced ceramic 3D printing technology, proudly announces the successful installation of its cutting-edge Ceramic Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printer at the facilities of Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI), a leading Ceramic Manufacturing Company based in India. The collaboration promises to revolutionize CUMI’s production capabilities, enabling them to manufacture intrinsic and critical ceramic parts with unparalleled precision.

CUMI, a distinguished member of the INR 742 billion (USD 8.9 billion) Murugappa Group, specializes in materials sciences engineering solutions, with a global footprint in industries such as abrasives, electrominerals, ceramics, refractories, and energy storage materials. Boasting a workforce of over 5,500 employees, CUMI is renowned for its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the delivery of high-quality material solutions.

The recently acquired 3DCeram’s Ceramic 3D printer utilizes state-of-the-art stereolithography technology, providing CUMI with a strategic advantage in the production of ceramic components. Unlike conventional methods, the top-down stereolithography method eliminates the need for support structures, allowing for the manufacturing of intricate parts with uncompromised precision. This technology not only enables CUMI to maintain the same properties as ceramics produced through traditional processes but also offers scalability for larger components, a feature not readily available with alternative technologies like DLP.

CUMI has already successfully assessed Alumina using the 3DCeram’s 3D printer, achieving positive outcomes. The company is poised to extend its capabilities further by testing materials such as Zirconia, Silicon Nitride, and Silicore (silica-based for foundry cores) in the near future. By incorporating 3D printing technology into their production processes, CUMI aims to penetrate new markets for Technical Ceramics, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Expressing satisfaction with the installation, training, and ongoing support, CUMI acknowledges the commitment and expertise of Shree Rapid Technologies, representing 3DCeram Sinto in this transformative venture. “We are confident that by incorporating the 3D printing technology into our production process, we would be able to cater into more markets for Technical Ceramics. We are satisfied with the Installation, Training, and Support extended by Shree Rapid Technologies on behalf of 3D Ceram Sinto,” stated Prathap Kumar, Business Head – Industrial Ceramics Division at CUMI.


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