Lithoz (AT) Establishes Japanese Technology Network for 3D-Printed High-Performance Ceramics

A team of established manufacturers in Japan are aiming to better support and encourage growth in the Japanese 3D printing community. Major players in the market, including AS ONE, Mitsui Kinzoku and Yugyōkuen Ceramics, are creating a wider range of touchpoints by investing in a portfolio of 3D printing technologies for high-performance ceramics. By building this strong 3D printing network, the companies involved are leading the way to real innovation in Japanese manufacturing.

Included in this portfolio is the industry-leading Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM) technology from Austrian-based Lithoz GmbH. AS ONE, Mitsui Kinzoku and Yugyōkuen Ceramics have chosen Lithoz as a key partner in driving growth and advancement in the Japanese additive manufacturing community. As the initiative leader, AS ONE will work closely with Mitsui Kinzoku and Yugyōkuen Ceramics as contract manufacturers and Lithoz as technology provider to best serve the Japanese market.

After a successful appearance at this year’s TCT Japan, Lithoz CEO Dr. Johannes Homa looks forward to aiding in this mission: “It is fantastic to see commitment to investment in the Japanese 3D printing market. We see such potential there and building such a strong network of leading companies will surely lead to great achievements for the additive manufacturing world! We thank our partners in Japan for trusting us with this important goal.”


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