AloxX™-Spheres, a Novel Spherical Alumina for Advanced Ceramics

The applications of the advanced technical ceramics are vast and varied, including ceramic materials and coatings for harsh environments. The features of these advanced technical ceramics include thermal stability, thermal expansion, resistance to thermal shock, and thermal conductivity. Elkem (Norway) develops specialty products and offers complementary products that will further advance the application technology and create value for our customers.

AloxX-Spheres, high purity and spherical alumina particles produced in a proprietary process, offer an excellent particle packing, removes dilatancy and eases the wet-out which contribute to easy dispersion of the matrix. AloxX-Spheres are used in a range of applications, such as:

• Binder for high alumina compositions

• Sintering agent for high alumina application as well as spinel formation

• Application requiring high thermal shock resistance.

AloxX-Spheres improve the ceramic through high sintering capability, even when a modest amount of plate-like alumina particles is replaced by spherical particles. The spherical alumina have a strong impact on microstructure/size of the formed AlN whiskers, which contributed to improved mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance and toughness by acting as crack stopper.

Their features and benefits provide applications such as sliding gate plate based Al2O3-C composition excellent thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance, and also improve their mechanical strength and toughness owing to the formation of ceramic bonding by the reactions between carbon sources and the so-called antioxidants 

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