Enhancing Additive Manufactured Ceramic Parts with Functional Coatings

Bosch Advanced Ceramics (Germany), a leading technology-driven company, is at the forefront of Ceramic Additive Manufacturing, offering not only the entire process chain from ideation to series production of additive manufactured ceramic parts but also a wide range of functional coatings that open new possibilities for various industries. With a focus on precision and durability, Bosch Advanced Ceramics is innovating the way ceramic components are used in medical, semiconductor, industry, energy and many other industries.

4-pol pin tip: Enhancing Medical Devices with Functional Coatings

One remarkable example of Bosch Advanced Ceramics’ capabilities is the 4-pol pin tip. The curved tip measures 30 mm in length and 4.6 mm in diameter and has four inner channels measuring 1 mm in diameter. It can be seamlessly integrated into medical devices for sensorics or stimulative applications. The 4-pol pin tip serves multiple purposes, including drug delivery, sensing, and acting as a ceramic insulator for surgical procedures. A coating functionalization by Bosch Advanced Ceramics can further enhance its cleanability and surface roughness (Ra = 0.8 µm). A probe head with this functionalization gives medical professionals a versatile tool with integrated functions, such as electrical conductivity.

In addition, ceramic 4-pol pin tips exhibit a low electric conductivity, making them excellent insulators. With Its integrated design, multiple features are incorporated in one part, simplifying assembly, and reducing components needed.  As an added benefit, the connector head enables plugs to be used in chemically harsh environments and high-temperature applications. Bosch Advanced Ceramics’ 4-pol pin tip showcases the flexibility and adaptability of its solutions, in small or large batches.

Durable Coatings for Enhanced Functionality

Bosch Advanced Ceramics understands the importance of coatings in extending technical ceramic functionality. A coating can improve existing properties or introduce a completely new one. It is possible to make ceramics, which are normally insulating materials, conductive at specific points by applying metallic layers. We offer a wide range of coating materials and technologies to cater to diverse requirements. Depending on the materials used, the coating can be sintered into the ceramic component at high temperatures (co-firing) or applied after sintering, followed by a lower-temperature sintering process (post-firing). Co-firing ensures better layer adhesion, although it may not be suitable for all materials. Bosch Advanced Ceramics has successfully implemented various coatings, including gold, silver, platinum, chrome, and hard materials like DLC. This provides customers with an extensive selection of options.

Additive Manufacturing: Pushing Boundaries with Bosch Advanced Ceramics

By utilizing advanced ceramics, additive manufacturing offers unparalleled freedom of design, enabling the creation of complex geometries that were previously unattainable. Bosch Advanced Ceramics stands out as a technology leader in ceramic 3D printing, utilizing technical ceramics to enhance a wide range of products. With expertise in manufacturing complex geometries, the company serves as an engineering partner for sophisticated ceramic components. From concept to series production, Bosch Advanced Ceramics provides comprehensive support throughout the entire value chain. This includes component design proposals, turn-key products, rapid production for various applications.


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