Ceramaret Completed Acquisition of TKC-Technische Keramik GmbH

Following its strong growth in the past years, Ceramaret GmbH, the German subsidiary of Ceramaret, a leading group in the design and manufacture of high precision components in advanced ceramics for analytical, fluid-handling systems and watch components in Switzerland, was looking to further expand its footprint and capacity in Germany. With TKC, Ceramaret integrates a well-established manufacturer of technical ceramics components with a presence in attractive markets and a good capacity reserve for expansion. The transaction was completed in March 2023 and is retroactive to 1 January 2023.

TKC-Technische Keramik, who employs about 30 persons, produces high complexity, near net shape components in aluminum and zirconium oxides for industrial and medical customers around Europe. To support its business dynamic, TKC has made very significant capacity investments in both production equipment and buildings in the past years. As neighbors active in similar market segments with different manufacturing processes, there could only be enthusiasm as the offer to join forces was made last year by A. Makrlik, owner of TKC-Technische Keramik. 

With a combined force of over 100 employees in Meissen, both companies are now looking forward to strengthening their offer to current markets while increasing the overall production capacity to accommodate new customers. 

A. Ziegert, the current General Manager of Ceramaret GmbH, will take over the responsibility of TKC-Technische Keramik GmbH together with the current management and work towards an optimal integration of both companies. A. Makrlik will be actively supporting this transition and remain in contact with the ceramics community. The whole Meissen team is excited at the prospect of offering products in a unified manner to its customers, meeting the most stringent expectations in parts quality and service levels. 



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