OxiMaTec under New Ownership

OxiMaTec GmbH/DE, developer and manufacturer of tailored high-performance ceramics is under new ownership. Thinking ahead, Dr Wolfgang Burger, the previous Managing Partner, set the course two years ago for the continued existence of the company after his retirement. As of 1 January 2023, it has become part of the Straumann Group/DE, which will draw on OxiMaTec‘s know-how even more for the development and fabrication of long-lasting and highly compatible dental implants.

The two years have been used to properly prepare the ground for this transition. The OxiMaTec employees have concentrated on optimizing relevant materials and processes and adjusting them to the Drybag-ISO pressing method. Moreover, machine and equipment qualification have been undertaken for the manufacture of isostatically pressed and sintered components. This enabled validation in compliance with ISO 13485, which regulates quality management for the design and manufacture of medical products. 

Wolfgang Burger, who has headed OxiMaTec since its founding in 2005, continues working in the sector with his second company IWWB-consult.


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