Coveted US Environmental Award for Fraunhofer IKTS and inopor

The presentation was held at “The Ameri­can Ceramic Society’s Honors and Awards Banquet“ at the 117th Annual Meeting on 5 October 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. The filtration and treatment of water be­ comes increasingly important worldwide. With porous membranes, microorganisms, dissolved organic components or salts can be efficiently separated from waste water, depending on the membranes’ pore size, without any additional chemicals. Fraunhofer IKTS was able to develop the first worldwide nanofiltration membrane made of ceramics with a pore size of <1 nm. Together with inopor GmbH, the manufacturing was set­up on an industrial scale and numerous applications have al­ready been realized. Examples of the practical application of inopor® ceramic membranes are: waste water treatment, processing of coolants and lubricants, substance separation in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry, diafiltration for the production of insulin as well as preparation of potable water from surface and groundwater.
The entire Rauschert Group is very proud of this honour for Inopor GmbH for this signifi­cant development and the internationally recognized award.


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