FORMATEC Expanding with In-House Ceramic 3D-Printing

3D-printing is rapidly gaining terrain to change conventional ways of manufacturing for the better. Combined with the outstanding material properties of ceramics and metals, 3D-printing opens up great opportunities for high-tech industry and exclusive consumer goods. With reducing time, labour and cost while adding value through the beneficial features of 3D-printing, for example form freedom and the possibility to print complex geometries, it is proving to be a very viable alternative to traditional ways of production. Moreover, product properties are equivalent to Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM) due to the use of equal raw material. FORMATEC is specialized in CIM for over 20 years, dedicated to manufacturing products for example for the chemical, medical and aesthetical industry. The need for excellent product properties and finish quality is inherent to these types of industries that FORMATEC can fulfill seamlessly.

René Bult, General Manager of FORMATEC said:“With our team, we can offer our customers added value through our extensive knowledge and experience with ceramics as a CIM pioneer. This combined with the almost endless possibilities that 3D-printing offers, we are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead”. Adding 3D-printing to its scope of services, Formatec is able to offer five different ways to shape ceramics, suited to the customers’ need to choose the best fit depending on quantity, investment and lead time. When application rules over design, 3D-printing surely is your way to go.


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