Global Piezoelectric Device Market

Piezoelectric device market experienced robust growth in last two decades, and also sustained fairly healthy growth even during the global economic downturns. It will continue to witness strong growth in the next years, and certain application markets enjoy double digital growth. Global demand on piezoelectric devices was valued at approximately USD 18,65 billion in 2013. Piezoceramics is the largest material group for piezoelectric devices, while piezopolymer demonstrates fastest growth due to its light weight and small size. Industrial and manufacturing is still the largest application market for piezoelectric devices, followed by automotive industry. However, the strongest demand comes from medical instruments and information and telecommunication which are gaining ever increasing importance among piezoelectric device suppliers.

Acmite Market Intelligence/DE has finished a most comprehensive report on world piezoelectric device market: 224 pages analyzing the market, 64 figure tables and 260 piezoelectric device manufacturers profiled. The report examines the current products and application areas, provides extensive market data of 2013, and market forecast through 2018 to 2022. It also outlines the competition landscape, evaluates market chances and risks and anticipates future trends based on a series of influence factors.


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