Goodfellow: Precision Spheres in a Range of Materials

Precision spheres are available in diameters from 0,15 mm to 20 mm from stock, and up to 150 mm as a special order. Tolerances range from +/–0,5 to +/–10 microns, and sphericity from 0,075–2,500 microns. Most precision spheres supplied by Goodfellow are AFBMA Grade 25; however, the company can generally supply AFBMA Grade 3 up to Grade 200 and can often meet custom requests. Goodfellow also offers precision spheres with drilled holes for mounting on a spigot, and with a spigot, if required. Matte surface finishes are offered on a range of precision spheres; this is particularly useful in applications where a reflective surface might cause problems, such as laser measurement. Applications include flow control, gauging and measuring standards, down hole oil drilling, bearings, fibre optics and lasers, lenses, electrical conductors, polishing media, integrated circuits, instrumentation, small engine parts and inspection tools. Materials include: ceramics – alumina, ruby, sapphire, silicon nitride, zirconia and others; glass – black glass, borosilicate glass, crystal glass, optical glass, quartz glass, soda lime glass and others; metal – aluminium, brass, copper, gold, nickel, niobium, silicon, silver, stainless steel, tantalum, titanium, tungsten; as well as polymer – acrylic PMMA, FKM, HDPE, LDPE, polyamide nylon 6-6, POMC, POMH, PP, and PTFE.


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