maxon High Precision Ceramic Spindles

When other materials fail
maxon (CH), the world’s leading supplier of high-precision drive systems, has long relied on technical ceramics and has been manufacturing innovative high-tech ceramic components itself for over 30 years. This is because ceramics are not only ideal for making gearheads more wear-resistant and durable, but their special properties are also impressive in other industries. maxon manufactures, for example, the smallest nozzles for industrial automation, high-precision parts for the watch industry and ceramic spindles for medical and labor application.  

A unique material
Technical ceramics are more resistant to chemicals, high temperatures and wear-resistant than steel. In addition, it impresses with its excellent sliding properties, biocompatibility as well as the pleasant feel and special look in white and black.

Ceramic spindles with excellent surface
maxon produces high precision ceramic spindles and these offer numerous advantages over conventional steel spindles, which can be decisive in various applications. The ceramic spindles are extremely suitable for sliding movements. These spindles with a high polished surface work almost completely without slip-stick effect. Ceramic components can be positioned easily, even in areas with strong electric fields or high vacuum. Due to the high hardness of the ceramic, the maxon spindles achieve an exceptionally long life span, especially in the case of dynamic operation. All these properties make ceramic spindles a better alternative to customary steel spindles and ball screws.


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