How the ESRF is Using Zetamix for High-Temperature Sample Environment

A synchrotron is a particles accelerator that generates one of the world’s most intense X-ray source, 100 billion time brighter than X-ray used in hospitals. Thanks to this technology, scientists are able to analyse the structure of matter down to the atomic level. Located in Grenoble, France, the ESRF is the result of the cooperation of 22 nations. Each year, more than 9000 scientists come to ESRF and use one of the 43 beam lights for their experiment. Most of these experiments require specific sample environment (cryogen ic, high temperature, in situ chemical reactions) and high reactivity from the staff while experiments are running (as beam time is precious and allocated months or year in advance). This combination ex plains the need for custom parts made in technical material in less than a few days at the ESRF.


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