Incus Launches Hammer Pro40 Production Line at formnext 2023

Incus, Austrian 3D-printing manufacturer specialized in Lithography-based Metal Manufacturing (LMM), introduces the new Hammer Pro40 printing solution to upscale their technology for mass manufacturing. Building on the principles of the Hammer Lab35 printing system, the Hammer Pro40 allows an upgrade of the production capabilities, while maintaining the same level of expertise and familiarity with the technology. The larger build volume is realized by two moving or scrolling projectors, instead of one stationary projector, without loss of accuracy. With a platform six times larger than its smaller predecessor, the Hammer Lab35, the Hammer Pro40 bridges the gap to mass manufacturing. With a high potential throughput (700 cm³/h) and excellent resolution (pixel pitch of 40 µm in X/Y), the Hammer Pro40 enables print economics while delivering the complex geometries and surface aesthetics of the Incus technology.

The Hammer Pro40 is engineered to manufacture large batches of intricate, specialty parts in applications ranging from dental, medical, automotive, micro robotics, and jewelry. With a remarkable printing speed that is seven times faster than the Hammer Lab35 and a printing cost per cm³ that is four times lower, the new machine delivers unmatched cost efficiency without compromising on quality. With surface roughness (Ra) of 2 µm after sintering, the Hammer Pro40 eliminates the need for additional surface treatments like polishing or sandblasting. With a high green part strength, the handling of the green parts can easily be automated.

The Hammer Pro40 is designed to operate several jobs without the need for intervention from the operator and includes a feedstock supply for at least 2–3 days. Job preparation, setup, and material changeover are streamlined, taking less than five minutes, ensuring that the printing process remains seamless and uninterrupted.

Key technical specifications of this new system include:

  • Two scrolling projector units
  • Printing volume: 2 x 200 x 76,8  x 150 mm
  • Pixel pitch 40 µm
  • Slice thickness: 10–100 µm
  • Pixel count (X, Y) 2 x 5000 x 1920 px
  • Print speed: up to 240 layers/h and up to 700 cm³/h.

“The Hammer Pro40 was strategically developed to fulfil the growing demand for mass manufacturing with AM while still delivering the unique features of our technology,” emphasized Incus CEO, Dr. Gerald Mitteramskogler. “This innovation means a leap forward in terms of speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness, but it also opens up new opportunities to leverage the versatility of our manufacturing solution. Within a single print, you can create intricate medical gripping devices, patient-specific dental brackets, personalized jewelry pieces, prototypes for electronic devices, and customized automotive knobs for luxury interior designs – all in quantities ranging from single prototypes to mass manufacturing.”

Visit us at formnext in Hall 11.1, Booth D42, to see Hammer Pro40!


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