Kläger Spritzguss at ceramitec 2022

Kläger/DE is one of the pioneers and today one of the technologically leading manufacturers in the field of injection moulded parts made of technical ceramics. As a recognised specialist for high-precision and process-stable injection moulding tools and with a pronounced affinity for the “injection moulding” process, Kläger continues to set new standards and generates pioneering, high-quality and economically efficient injection moulded products made of technical ceramics and plastics for its customers. In addition, hybrid system solutions are created in the material composite ceramic/plastic/metal. 

Kläger belongs to the classic medium-sized sector, a typical hidden champion from Baden-Württemberg. The owner-managed company is development partner, producer and system supplier to its customers at the same time. Fully responsible for project and series management, Kläger covers the entire value chain in-house – engineering incl. prototype production, mould making and injection moulding on the basis of broad-based material and process expertise.

Injection moulded parts made of technical ceramics impress with their ceramic-specific material properties and at the same time with complex geometries, accompanied by a high level of functional integration, produced in a moulding process. The synthesis of material and freedom of shaping thus offers new application perspectives in the most diverse areas. The products manufactured by Kläger on behalf of customers are found as key components in products and devices such as household appliances, industrial goods, electrical engineering, sensor technology, chemical and process engineering and medical and dental technology. 

Kläger specialises in the processing of oxide ceramics. The main materials used are aluminium oxide (Al2O3 R 96 – 99,8%), zirconium oxide (ZrO2 Y-rod; also in different colours) and mixed oxides (ZTA / ATZ), which can be adjusted to suit the specific application. Technically, Kläger is able to process all currently available feedstock systems (wax- or thermoplastic-based) consistently and thus define the technically as well as economically optimal solution for the respective product. 

All in one: engineering, mould making, injection moulding. Kläger-customers benefit from the bundled material and process competence, focused in an application and production-oriented product development, always with the goal of efficient series production.


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