LAPP Insulators Alumina Honoured as Innovation Leader

The company based in Redwitz was honoured by Ranga Yogeshwar, Prof. Dr Nikolaus Franke and compamedia with the TOP 100 seal of ap­proval, an award that has been presented for the 24th time this year. In the independ­ent selection process, LAPP Insulators Alumina shone primarily with its innovation success and outward orientation. LAPP In­ sulators Alumina GmbH manufactures cer­amic­metal composite components based on alumina and is a worldwide­ leading manufacturer of ceramic semiconductor housings.

In the past six years, the TOP 100 com­pany from Redwitz has written an un­ paralleled success story: by relocating the standard business, which is underfierce price pressure, to a new plant in the Czech Republic, LAPP was able to establish a sec­ond mainstay at its home base. Around 100 new customers could be won and sales in the “New Products” business unit increased five-­fold. In the plant in the Czech Republic, more than 300 000 components per year are manufactured. From there, 50 % of the global market is supplied with semicon­ ductor housings. With its around 60 employees, the top­ innovator is constantly on the lookout for new solutions and, thanks to the relocation of the standard business, it now has enough freedom to do this. LAPP conducts research in its own laboratory, but also works in a network together with various universities. With the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems/DE, the TOP 100 company is researching, for ex­ample, sodium­-nickel-chloride cells. These are reported to exhibit similar efficiency to lithium-­ion batteries, but offer additional ad­ vantages – non-flammability, for example. ­


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