Macea: Technical Ceramics “Made in Brazil”

Macea was founded in 1983, and initially supplied thread guides
to the textile industry. Its product portfolio was gradually widened.
Wear resistance, thermal shock, electric insulation, mech anic
al sealing, high precision and customisation are all key topics
when it comes to applications for the technical ceramic com ponents
made by Macea ceramics. Besides general industrial applications,
textiles, petrochemicals, steel foundries, agri cul ture,
electronics, medical and dental applications make up the
company’s main market in Brazil and Latin America. Today,
Macea has 30 employees and, complementing its own production
capability, also works in cooperation with high-tech ceramic
companies all around the world to offer solutions. Macea also
represents Yuasa Yarn Guide from Japan and Machinable
Ceramic Macor from France. To learn more about the company,
we talked to CEO Paulo Macea (PM).


Phone: +49 7221 502 200