Making Binder Jetting Really Work for Technical Ceramics – Additive Manufacturing of Technical Ceramics*

As an alternative shaping method to the traditionally used processes, Additive Manufacturing (AM) can produce economical ceramic components in small lot sizes and/or with complex geometries. Powderbased AM processes like binder jetting are popular in the field of metal AM. One reason is the increased productivity compared to other AM technologies. For ceramic materials, powder-based AM technologies result in porous ceramic parts, provided they are not infiltrated. CerAMing GmbH unites the advantages of powder-based processes with the production of dense ceramic by means of the Layerwise Slurry Deposition (LSD). By using a suspension, a high packing density of the powder bed is achieved which leads to high green body densities. Due to this advantage the approach overcomes the problems of other powder-based AM technologies. Furthermore, a very economical debinding time allows the production of parts with high wall thicknesses.


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