Nabaltec: Growth in 2015 According to Preliminary Data

Revenues were stable at a high level throughout the year, posting gains over the year before in all four quarters. Total revenues in 2015 were up 5,6 %, to EUR 151,3 million, and operating profit (EBIT) was up 14,2 %, to EUR 14,5 million. The EBIT margin in Financial Year 2015 (EBIT as a percentage of total performance) was 9,5 % based on preliminary data. These results are in line with Nabaltec AG’s announced revenue and earnings forecasts. Gerhard Witzany, Member of the Board of Nabaltec AG, stated: “We once again posted very strong growth last year with largely stable market conditions, and we met our forecasts for revenues and earnings. This is further evidence that our market position is extremely solid and that we’re on the right track with our strategy of positioning ourselves in the market based on quality, delivery reliability and solutions which are customized to meet the individual needs of our customers.” Both business divisions contributed to the strong revenue growth in 2015. The business division Functional Fillers posted revenues of EUR 102,3 million in Financial Year 2015, up 3,4 % from the year before (2014: EUR 98,9 million). This growth was due above all to the increased focus on product segments with high added value, such as fine precipitated hydroxides (eco-friendly flame retardant fillers, e.g. for the cable & wire industry).  The business division Technical Ceramics posted revenues of EUR 49,1 million in 2015, up from EUR 44,5 million the year before, for a gain of 10,3 %, due above all to an increase in sales volume and a shift in the product mix towards high-margin product segments. The Group’s export ­ratio climbed to 72,3 %, up from 71,6 % in 2014. EBITDA over both business divisions amounted to EUR 24,7 million, up from EUR 22,4 million the year before (up 10,3 %). EBITDA in the business division Functional Fillers improved slightly, from EUR 17,4 million to EUR 17,8 million in the reporting year (up 2,3 %). EBITDA in the business division Technical Ceramics was up 40,8 % compared to the previous year, from EUR 4,9 million to EUR 6,9 million, due to the optimization in the product mix. The company is off to a good start in 2016. According to Johannes Heckmann, Member of the Board of Nabaltec AG, “2016 will be a challenging year for us. Disruptions in the operations of our US subsidiary Nashtec LLC cannot be ruled out at present as a result of the fact that the raw materials supplier Sherwin Alumina LLC has filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code. With our new Tokyo-based subsidiary Nabaltec Asia Pacific K.K., we are beginning a new chapter to strengthen our sales activities in Asia”.


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