Nabaltec: Switch to the New SME Segment of Deutsche Börse AG

An application for inclusion in this segment will be filed with Deutsche Börse AG. Nabaltec AG share has been traded over-the-counter in the Entry Standard segment of Deutsche Börse AG since 2006. From the beginning of its listing, the company has consistently exceeded the prescribed min­imum standards for reporting duties. Ex­amples include the issuance of quarterly reports in accordance with IFRS in German and in English, a voluntary commitment to adhere to a four-month deadline for publication of the annual report and coverage through routine analyst reports. In addition, Nabaltec AG already adheres to the specifications of the German Corporate Governance Code on a voluntary basis. Nabaltec AG will maintain its current reporting cycle in the future, which will be supplemented by research reports from research providers selected by Deutsche Börse AG.


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