Nanostructured 3YSZ with Improved Tribological Performance for Manufacturing Components

With small grain sizes and exceptional homogeneity, Innovnano’s 3YSZ powder has excellent mechanical and physical properties, including improved phase stability, which helps to extend the lifetime of ceramic linings, coatings and components. The new material enhances the durability and tribological performance of components, including cutting tools and nozzles, and increases the efficiency of industrial facilities such as steel plants and foundries. With less frequent replacement of parts and reduced equipment downtime, running costs are also minimised. Using its patented Emulsion Detonation Synthesis (EDS) technology in an automated manufacturing process, 3YSZ is produced as a highly pure, uniform nanostructured powder with an even distribution of  yttria. This homogeneous composition enables the powder to be sintered at lower temperatures, typically 50–75 °C lower than conventional powders, advantageously keeping the grain size to a minimum (<250 nm). As a result, ceramic coatings and compon­ents benefit from both excellent hardness (HV10 >1250) and flexural strength (1100 –1800 MPa) for improved performance. The exceptional chemical and physical homogeneity that Innovnano’s EDS manufacturing technology provides also ensures that its 3YSZ is chemically inert, and highly resistant to corrosion and aging. Import­antly, the even distribution of yttria guarantees that Innovnano’s 3YSZ exists in a more ­stable tetragonal phase. This reduces the presence of ‘weak spots’ that are intro­duced by zirconia phase transformation, which can otherwise lead to micro-cracking and compromised component performance. As such, Innovnano’s 3YSZ can be used as a reliable alternative to traditional steel components.


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