News from Goodfellow: Additive Manufacturing Materials and Services

AM Materials: Goodfellow’s growing line of AM raw materials reflects evolving AM technology: advances in technology put more rigorous demands on materials, and advances in materials fuel advances in AM technology. Currently, the following categories of raw materials for a range of AM processes are offered: metal, alloy and cer­amic powders, metal and alloy wires and polymer monofilaments.
AM Services: with thorough knowledge of the latest AM processes, Goodfellow can provide comprehensive AM services, from initial drawing to post-production finishing. Specifically, Goodfellow can fine-tune component design or create the designs, assist in choosing the best AM process for achieving your desired results, produce finished parts using AM technology or, if more appropriate, traditional manufacturing methods and provide materials or finished parts in quantities from prototype to large-volume production.
The Goodfellow advantage is the direct access to in-house materials experts regarding material selection and cost-effective product design and no-obligation quotations supplied upon submission of material specifications or drawings. The company is ISO 9001 certified.


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