PICMA® Stack Multilayer Ring Actuator with New Dimensions

They are now available in the lengths 8,5 mm, 16 mm or 36 mm and provide travel ranges of 5,5 µm to 25 µm. Their outer diameter is 8 mm with a 4,5 mm diameter of the inner hole. Ring actuators of the P-080 series achieve their maximum deflection already at low operating voltages of only 100 V. Here the resonant frequency of up to 160 kHz is very high which makes the actuator perfectly suitable for highly dynamic processes. Like other PICMA® multilayer actuators, they have response times in the µs-range and sub-nanometer resolution as well. The ring actuators are made of round PICMA® Chip actuators that are glued together. With this technology, they can be flexibly scaled and quickly produced – resulting in short delivery times. The gluing procedure does not impair the high reliability and long lifetime of the PICMA® actuators. As a standard they are equipped with 100 mm stranded wires. The round outer diameter fits e.g. very good into pre-manufactured case components made from semi-finished tubes. The inner hole can be used as aperture for optical applications or for applying a preload for dynamic applications. Consequently these high-power actuators are specially suitable for being used in laser tuning, microdosing and life science applications.


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