RECOSIC: Environment-Friendly, High-Grade SiC by Recycling

For more than 100 years, the raw material SiC has been synthesized
for industrial applications by means of the very energyintensive
Acheson process. For the synthesis of 1 t material,
around 7,15 MWh of electric energy is needed. At the same time,
around 4,2 t CO2 are emitted. 2,4 t of these CO2 emissions are
caused purely by reactions, the remaining 1,8 t CO2 are emitted
during the generation of the energy needed to produce 1 t SiC.
This CO2 balance publicized by ESK-SiC is very conservative as
the energy-related emissions reflect a European power mix. In
other regions of the world (e.g. China, USA, Russia), the emissions
produced during energy generation are much higher.


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