Review: AM Ceramics 2016

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has developed into one of the most promising fields of innovation in the producing industry. The available manufacturing systems for ceramics have already reached an advanced stage and represent a real alternative and sensible addition to traditional manufacturing methods. Many companies today stand before the challenge of gauging the opportunities and risks that AM of ceramics holds for them. There is a huge need for relevant information and clarification for these companies to take further steps. Many questions are thrown up, such as what experience have those companies already working with the process had and how should companies address AM in future? For these reasons, Lithoz GmbH/AT, supported by the DKG – German Ceramic Society and the DKG Szene Additiv, Bayer Innovativ, the New Materials cluster and the trade media, CERAMIC APPLICATIONS and cfi/Ber. DKG, issued an invitation to the 1st Seminar “AM Ceramics 2016“ in Nuremberg on 26–27 September 2016.


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