Saint-Gobain’s Advanced Silicon Carbide Pipes for Thermal Cracking Technology

Advanced thermal cracking technology transforms a wide range of non-recyclable and hazardous wastes into a clean synthesis gas (syngas) and biochar. As it doesn’t burn waste, the process has very low emissions. Tar-free, the syngas of company Standard Gas/GB, achieved the End of Waste certification from the GB’s Environment Agency. It can be used to generate electricity, and heat, or processed via methan­ation into transportation fuels, chemical feedstock or for grid injection. Coupled with electrolysis or via re­formation, the SG100 can generate between 650–3000 t of green hydrogen a year. The co-product biochar captures and removes carbon when used in sequestering applications such as soil conditioning or as an aggregate for construction mater­ials such as concrete and asphalt. 

Saint-Gobain’s/FR advanced silicon carbide pipes are ideal for this process and have higher heat resistance than steel and metal alloy alternatives. After approval the commercial-scale demonstration plant in Cambridgeshire/GB, the scaled-up plant is under construction. Capable of processing 48  000 t of waste a year, the SG100 can generate an average of 40  000 MWh of power and, dependent on feedstock, remove up to 16  000 t of CO2. With a small footprint, the plant can be deployed in a modular manner, making it rapidly scalable for a range of end-use applications. 


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