Silicon-Nitride Speciality Materials for Product and Process Innovation in Semiconductor and Analysis Technology*

Many areas of technology would be unthinkable today without highperformance ceramics on the basis of silicon nitride for the optimisation of structures and processes. They are used, for instance, for reducing wear, increasing process temperatures, avoiding corrosion or crosscontamination to lightweight engineering or reducing accelerated masses. The ongoing demand for miniaturisation and increased performance of silicon-based electronics and semiconductor products have produced more and more pressure during the last decades. To be able to fulfil the requirements, it is a crucial factor for the semiconductor industry to optimise their high-tech raw materials and processes and to get them more efficient and free of cross-contamination effects. During the first steps, the complete semiconductor process chain was analysed to find the origins for cross-contamination. Subsequently, many metal-made components were substituted by art-similar ceramics and glasses.


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