Successful Partnership of SGL and Technical University of Munich

The agreement for a 6-year extension was signed by TUM President Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann. and SGL Group’s CEO, Dr Jürgen Köhler. LCC was founded in May 2009 with a focus on carbon-fiber composite materials and their applications. The appointment of Professor Klaus Drechsler was made possible through the foundation of LCC by SGL and investments by TUM. After the expiry of the foundation agreement, the SGL Group will provide an add­itional EUR 1,2 million in funding for the LCC work which serves as a bridge between fundamental research into carbon-fiber composite materials and their practical applications, especially in the automotive and aerospace engineering sectors. In addition to providing financial support for research, the partnership is important to the SGL Group above all for the resulting exchange of ideas with scientists. For instance, the company cooperated closely with LCC in the validation of its product portfolio in the field of thermoplastic composite materials.


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