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ALUMINA SYSTEMS GmbH (formerly LAPP Insulators Alumina GmbH)
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Company profile

Company profile:
roots of ALUMINA SYSTEMS go back to the Siemens ceramic plant founded 1942 in Redwitz. ALUMINA SYSTEMS is producing ca. 400 000 p. a. ceramic-to-metal-joined integrated systems e.g. for thyristors (HVDC – High-Voltage Direct Current transmission), vacuum interruptors and X-ray systems, using primarily aluminum oxide ceramics and various non-ferrous metals, such as OF Cu (Oxygen-Free copper) or NiCo (nickel-cobalt), soft magneticalloys; NiFe (nickel iron) or stainless steel (1.4301), as connecting agents. As a material connecting technology, both passive and active brazing technique are used. With this, high-strength composites can be produced.They are permanently proof and vacuum-tight in the temperature range from –150 °C up to + 600 °C.
The core competencies in connection technology „Metal-ceramic composite“ enables ALUMINA SYSTEMS to open up other fields of applications. These are products such as vacuum feedthroughs (standard program), systems for CO2 lasers and ceramic batteries. Further experience exist in the bonding and shrinking of metal ceramic composites.
ALUMINA SYSTEMS stands as technology partner in the range of the metal-ceramic adding technology for electrical applications in:
• Vacuum Systems
• Space Systems
• Laser Systems
• Sensor Systems
• Mechanical Systems
• Energy Systems (including HVDC Systems and Battery Systems)
• 3D Systems – 3D printed ceramic components
• X-ray Systems
• Plasma Systems
• Oil-Gas Systems
• Chip Systems
• FEA-added Product Development (FEA: Finite Element Analysis).
From single prototypes to serial production, we offer our customers the full range of customized solutions made by a innovative mid-sized company.


Management and Advisory Board


Dr.-Ing. Holger Wampers


EUR 14 Mio

Number of employees total / R+D


Product development partnerships

customers, institutes, user industries, multidisciplinary

Project funding


Main components

ceramic-to-metal-integrated systems, metallized ceramics, ceramic thyristor and diode housings, feedthroughs, ceramic vacuum components, ceramic 3D-printed parts, ceramic batteries


DIN 9001/ DIN 140001/ DIN 500001
Best Component Award Technical Ceramics 2018: 1st Place
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHRIS

Market leadership

ceramic housings for thyristors and diodes, ceramic-to-metaljoined systems, metallization of ceramics, galvanic gold and nickel plating TOP-Innovator 2017, prize TOP 100 Best Component Award Technical Ceramics 2018: 1st Place TOP-Innovator 2019, prize TOP 100 Innovation Leben Award 2020

Special know-how

3D-printed components made from Al203 (99,99 %), Computer Aided Design engineering techniques by using FEM
3D-printing of ceramic parts, FEA-added product development and design optimization for ceramic and ceramic-to-metal-joined systems

Project duration

2 months

Pilot run series


Ceramic division(s)


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