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We, the JRS, J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE Group, are committed to the research, development and processing of high-quality, functional organic fibers made from renewable, plant-based raw materials.
With the innovative JRS organic fiber technology, we make the many functions of these valuable natural substances available to industry.
This includes functional products made of cellulose, cereal and fruit fibers or wood fibers, processed as required into ultra-fine fibers, compactates, granules, blends or special dosage forms.
As an owner-managed, independent family business group, we have stood for innovation, sustainable prospects, reliability and safety for over 140 years. And we are now in our 4th generation.
More than 3500 employees worldwide are involved in the innovative JRS plant fiber technology at over 90 production and sales locations.
Problem-solver, systems and technology partner of the industry:
Through our functional fibers, we create solutions for many product applications and chemical engineering processes for almost all areas of daily life, such as in pharmacy, food, industry and technology.

We rely on the innovative JRS organic fiber technology, our decades of experience and the comprehensive JRS special know-how.
Solutions with system and safety – we would be pleased to provide you with detailed advice!
The global orientation of JRS makes an optimal procurement of raw materials of the highest possible quality whis is an important requirement in order to produce a wide variety of unique products. Our certified advanced production technology stands for top quality, innovative functionality and a perfect price/performance ratio.
Caring for the ecological cycle is always a top priority to us. Therefore sustainable plant-based, regrowing raw materials will always be the basis of our product philosophy in the future.

Organic cellulose and lignocellulose particles modified for utilization in the ceramic industry. Functions: pore former, rheology agent, reduction of fissures/cracks, moisture stabilisation. You can expect high-class purity combined with constant product performance. Outstanding quality is guaranteed by certified quality control. High variety enables optimal usage. Different structures lead into different effects in your production process as well as for the performance of your final ceramic products. Tailor-made selection of natural particles allows controlled improvement of your application.
Available in various sizes and structures:
– Long fibers
– Cubic particles
– Granules
– Spheres
– Cellulose gels


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Sustainable, Natural Pore Formers and Process Additives for the Ceramic Industry*

Nature offers an almost inexhaustible reservoir of usable functions that have...


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