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Company profile

SCHUPP® Ceramics is an established specialist for high-temperature technology. Since 1996, our family-owned company has been producing and selling economic while also high-quality metallic-ceramic solutions for sintering, firing and melting, as well as heat treatments. In combustion or electrically operated industrial and laboratory furnaces/kilns: Our products, components and systems work safely at temperatures of 560°C to 1.850°C. From tried-and-tested standard products for high-precision firing process control to individual special productions for electrical heating or thermal insulation, we supply standardised and customised solutions to customers from around the world from industrial applications and production as well as research. Flexibility and targeted approaches are our foundations for meeting our customers’ demands. Our international team of more than 45 employees is currently working for 900 clients around the world with head, hand and heart. Trust, honesty and the will to make a difference are our principles for establishing successful partnerships and designing them sustainably.


privately owned


Michael E. Schupp, Founder and Owner (M.D. & Shareholder); Dr. Katarzyna Linn (CEO)


EUR 12,6 million (2023)

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Product development partnerships

customers, institutes, user industries

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Main components

MolyCom®-Ultra 1700, 1800, 1850 & MolyCom®-Hyper 1800, 1900, 1800SC, 1800AP: molybdenum disilicide heating elements (MoSi2) up to 1.850 °C element temperature/ MolyCom® accessories: Accessories for connection of electric heating elements made of molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2), MolyTec: electric heating systems (MoSi2 + PCW) up to 1.550 °C application temperature/ UltraBoard & UltraVac: high-temperature insulation boards and vacuum formed shapes made of polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW) up to 1.800 °C applicationtemperature/ ITM-Fibermax®: high-temperature wool (unchopped, chopped) and needled blankets made of polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW) up to 1.600 °C application temperature/ PTCR: process temperature control rings from 560 °C to 1.750 °C/ FiberPlast 1800PRO: high temperature adhesives and coatings (PCW) up to 1.750 °C application temperature/ UltraSaggar UV 1600-10 and UltraSetter UV 1700-10: light kiln furniture made of PCW for sintering and firing up to 1.650°C application temperature.


ISO 9001:2015

Market leadership

dental technology – high purity heating elements called MolyCom®-Hyper 1900 for discolouration-free sintering of zirconia/ insulation materials made of polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW) as an alternative for refractory ceramic fibres (RCF), process temperature control rings PTCR for precise measurement and control of firing processes, sintering and firing setters and saggars securely hold small workpieces during the sintering/ firing process.

Special know-how

MoSi2 heating elements, PCW materials, vacuum forming, furnace linings/re-linings, machined insulation shapes, high temperature adhesives and coatings, kiln furniture

Project duration

depending on project

Pilot run series


Ceramic division(s)


High-temperature metallic-ceramic products and components for electrically and combustion-heated industrial and laboratory furnaces/kilns:
- Intermetallic heating elements of molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) and customised electric heating systems up to 1.850°C element temperature
- High-temperature insulation made of polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW); up to 1.800°C application temperature
- Process temperature control rings PTCR: Measuring and controlling the firing processes
- Ceramic bonding at application temperatures up to 1.750°C
- Sintering and firing kiln furniture (setters & saggars) for application temperatures of up to 1.650°C

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Hot Alone won’t Do the Trick!

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