SwissCeraMill Ceramic Mill Cutter – Revolution in Aluminium Milling

In a record time of just six months, the partners A&L Tool AG/CH and BSQ TECH GmbH/CH have launched the SwissCeraMillTM on the market, an innovative and revolutionary milling cutter tool based on zirconium oxide, which maximises service lifetimes for use with aluminium, non-ferrous metals and diverse composite plastics. Service lifetimes have been tested as being at least 10Å~ the norm. The EU and Switzerland are very important to both companies as a base, and for this reason, everything is developed and produced 100 % in Switzerland. Switzerland is known for its high-level innovation in meeting the most difficult challenges in machining technology. The biggest advantages of this cutting technology are time and quality, thanks to higher feed rates, higher infeeds and better surface qualities. Detailed information is presented in the article.


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