Synthetic Sapphire in Standard and Custom Forms

Among the company’s products are: sapphire windows – providing high strength, scratch resistance, a high operating temperature and good transmission characteristics across a range of wavelengths; precision sapphire spheres – with good corrosion resistance for chemical applications and harsh environments; and precision sapphire bearings – featuring high hardness, excellent wear resistance and temperature stability. Goodfellow also offers custom machining and polishing services, working with customers to achieve the functionality required for specific applications. Goodfellow is a leading supplier of metals, polymers, ceramics and other materials to meet the needs of science and industry worldwide. The company specialises in supplying small quantities (a few grammes to a few kilos) of metals and materials for research, prototype development and specialised manufacturing applications. The Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division supplies a comprehensive range of ceramics and glasses to the research and industrial markets either as finished components to customer drawings or in an extensive range of semi-finished forms including sheets, rods and tubes for our customers to machine their own components.




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